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    Situated amid seven hills at the convergence of three rivers, Rome & Floyd County is a place that values tradition and progress. From a downtown that mixes Southern charm with metropolitan culture to open lush acreage with trees and water, this "Enchanted Land" affords a quality of life and a business environment that beckon those who value both tradition and progress.

    In this idyllic place, an enviable quality of life and healthy economy thrive. We celebrate the old along with the new. Historical homes and public buildings carefully preserved for generations to come.  Cutting-edge technology as progressive new headquarters and industries locate and prosper in Rome and Floyd County. Here you'll find exceptional schools, state-of-the-art healthcare, cultural and recreational amenities.

    If you have not yet discovered Floyd County, Cave Spring & Rome, we invite you to do so. From Rome's between the Rivers Historic District with it’s landmark Clocktower to the outer reaches of the Floyd County, you'll discover a wonderful sense of community.

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