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  • Committee: Green Business Council- The Rome Floyd Chamber’s Green Business Council promotes environmentally, socially and economically sustainable community. The committee will meet to discuss current initiatives towards Green Businesses in Rome and Floyd and County and Future Opportunities to make Rome and Floyd County more sustainable. The overall goal of the Green Business Council is to help Rome and Floyd County Businesses find solutions to help businesses become green and help ease the process. The committee will also allow companies to share best practices. 


    Highlights of the committee’s purpose:

    • Help businesses get well-deserved attention for their efforts
    • Help residents more easily identify green businesses in our city/county
    • Help businesses identify ways to become greener and connect them with local services 



    1. “Pledge” Members will pledge to work on adopting green practices. 
    2. “Rome Floyd Green” Business has adopted a basic set of green practices. This is the step before certification. 
    3. “Certified Green Business” The Business has adopted the advanced level of green initiatives and practices set by the Rome Floyd Chamber’s Green Business Council
  • If you would like to learn more, please contact Amber West. 

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