• Rome Floyd Chamber Reports Business Start-ups and New Members During Pandemic Year

    The Rome Floyd Chamber of Commerce announced today that they have welcomed 57 new members to the organization this past year.  Approximately 30 of these new members are new businesses in Rome and Floyd County.  “When we look collectively at the economic impact this has on our city and county, it is certainly an indication of positive growth in many regards,” said Rome Floyd Chamber Chairperson, Cassandra Wheeler.
    Many of these companies are start-ups and we are happy to report that the entrepreneurial spirit is thriving in our community. “To start a company during a pandemic is a courageous act and it has been encouraging to see the community embrace these businesses, business owners and their employees. We have really seen firsthand these businesses thriving.” said Evie McNiece, Chairman of the Small Business Action Council.
    “From West Rome to the Fifth Avenue Arts and Entertainment district, to Broad Street, to the North Floyd Industrial Park, and to the newly developed space at East Bend, we are seeing new businesses everywhere, which include restaurants, retail establishments, manufacturers, service providers in healthcare and wellness, transportation, business strategy and the arts.  “At the Chamber we welcome all with open arms.  We will advocate for, promote, support, and assist them.  That is our job,” said Jeanne Krueger, President & CEO of the Rome Floyd Chamber.
    The Rome Floyd Chamber of Commerce celebrates our businesses through its mission, ‘promoting prosperity and growth in Rome and Floyd County for, and through, business memberships.’ It is timely that we celebrate Entrepreneur Week, February 13-20, 2021.
    When asked about the importance of highlighting those business start-ups and the entrepreneurs, Thomas Kislat, Director of Membership and Entrepreneurial Development said, “The greatest assets for our members are shared concepts, competence, and connections. Therefore, The City of Rome and Floyd County can thrive as a world-class center of thinkers, makers, or traders.
    New businesses and organizations are responsible for innovation that drives productivity, economic growth, and new job creation. Entrepreneurship is the Soul of the American Economy, and by fostering entrepreneurship, we continue to create a vibrant, strong, and prosperous community.”

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