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    From the moment you walk in the door Dance Trance immediately slaps your preconceived fitness ideals in the face. Forget the gym, you are transported to the club. Driving bass notes pull you in and you can’t help but start swinging your hips, or tapping your foot. Strolling through their boutique full of brightly colored fitness apparel designed with fun and movement in mind, you begin to realize, you're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. It’s clear this is a place that wants you to loosen up and let go. When you start to let go… something special is sure to begin. Dance Trance is clearly most comfortable stepping outside the status quo and mixing up your normal routine with a refreshingly vibrant burst of energy. Reminding you… life is about living, no matter your shape, size, or fitness expertise. Why choose the gym or the club? You can get fit in a safe in environment, have the time

    Dance Trance Rome is a fitness studio dedicated to helping people reach their strongest, healthiest and happiest self all the while also creating a fun space for the Rome community. Dance Trance classes feel like a night out dancing with your closest friends with choreographed routines to the hottest hip-hip, pop, rock, Latin, contemporary and alternative music on and off the radio! If you love to dance but you have grown tired of the same old boring exercise routine — this is where you want to be! DANCE EXPERIENCE IS NOT REQUIRED! Not only will you work up a sweat and get a great workout but you’re sure to feel like a backup dancer ready to go on tour by the time we’re through with you!


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    Dance Fitness with an Attitude
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