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    The BorderHawk Team has significant experience assessing, analyzing, and designing information protection programs —especially with State and Local Government, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Healthcare, and Energy sector clients. That experience gives us a significant edge in helping our customers conserve resources on cybersecurity and information related regulatory compliance initiatives.

    BorderHawk has been verified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and added to the Veteran business database at www.vip.vetbiz.gov. The BorderHawk Team is composed of pioneering cybersecurity professionals; most have computer and communications security experience pre-dating the Internet. Collectively, the BorderHawk Team has decades of experience solving People, Process, and Technology problems involving cyberspace and cybersecurity. As a result, our expertise is understanding cyberspace and cybersecurity, but more specifically:

    • Identifying and investigating contemporary threats involving cyberspace
    • Anticipating the convergence of cybersecurity and the physical world
    • Articulating risk issues related to cyberspace and cybersecurity
    • Crafting custom solutions to the challenges of cyberspace and cybersecurity

    As a result, we additionally assist clients to more effectively recognize cyber risk at the program or company-wide level, at the communications network level, and at the information and communications technology component level.


    • Decades of experience solving People, Process, & Technology problems involving cyberspace and cybersecurity
    • Experience in key industry sectors include Local & State Government, Energy & Utilities, Financial & Healthcare
    • Services include Information security governance consulting, risk assements, incident management & detection & response