• Coach, WinShape Teams

    Posted: 05/13/2021

    Scope of Position: The role of Coach is within WinShape Teams, a ministry of the WinShape Foundation which exists to build strong, healthy, fulfilling teams that change the world around them. The primary responsibility of this role is to implement 1:1 coaching with assigned client load in accordance with the International Coaching Federations (ICF) standards of coaching competency and WinShape Teams methodology and perspective. Additional responsibilities include teaching and facilitating Team and Leader experiential learning programs while providing oversight for staff on assigned experiential programs, advising Manager on department strategy, and writing content for blogs/e-books.

    Reports to: Manager, Programming – Teams


    • Administer, implement and maintain multiple 1:1 coaching relationships with a diverse client base in accordance with ICF standards and WST methodology (approximately 65-75%)
    • Design Team and Leader development programs and oversee program staff in the planning and execution of assigned programs (approximately 15%)
    • Coordinate and schedule coaching sessions with assigned clients over duration of coaching engagement
    • Cooperatively analyze and design the coaching agenda with clients to meet their determined goals
    • Conduct and maintain coaching sessions per coaching contract and agreement
    • Counsel and train clients on various leadership, team and follower skills as needed
    • Monitor, assess and review personal coaching performance
    • Advise Client Relations and Organizational Contract signer/Group Leader on recommended coaching plan as requested
    • Dynamically present Leader and Team content to groups while maintaining high group engagement and interaction
    • Facilitate meaningful group discussion through active listening and question asking
    • Assess group needs pre-program and develop a content delivery plan to meet client needs and objectives
    • Review, advise and approve Lead Facilitators program activity plan
    • Review and advise program staff and program performance during and post event
    • Coordinate and review the program plan cross departmentally to ensure alignment of expectations
    • Assess, counsel and advise department manager on department and organization strategy and goals as requested
    • Counsel Marketing on digital content as requested and write content for blogs/vlogs/ebooks
    • Monitor, assess and review ongoing program performance
    • Assess, design and implement a yearly personal development plan
    • Assess, design and implement yearly personal goals that support the WST annual plan
    • Maintain cooperative and healthy team relationships and perform in a manner that implements the WST Purpose, Mission and Value in all aspects of the role


    • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Leadership, Business or related field required. Master’s degree preferred.
    • 7+ professional work experience
    • 3+ years of professional coaching experience
    • Associate Certified Coach AND/OR Board Certified Coach. Wiley DiSC preferred
    • Strong verbal communication and public speaking skills
    • Strong written communication skills particularly for blogs and e-books
    • Strong active listening and question asking skills
    • Demonstrated ability to assess, evaluate and counsel individuals to improve performance
    • Ability to learn new software related to administration of coaching duties
    • High levels of interaction to coordinate with other programmatic positions
    • High autonomy on assigned coaching clients, programs and individual tasks
    • Assesses and solves a variety of complex problems by evaluating and designing non-standard solutions
    • Moderately Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Zoom and Microsoft Teams
    • Ability to manage time effectively when balancing multiple coaching clients, programmatic responsibilities and assigned team duties