• Packaging Coordinator

    Posted: 05/30/2021

    Primary Role in the Organization:
    Support all packaging requirements.  Develop cost effective packaging systems
    Reports To: 
    Production Control Manager
     1) Design & Implement packaging for all finished goods and WIP
     2) Complete all packaging data sheets and forms required by our customers
     3) Develop packaging specifications and quotes for sales
     4) Obtain design and functional approval from our customers
     5) Develop schedules to support New Model start up and control all new model activities
         related to packaging
     6) Control and track repair costs of returnables
     7) First customer contract for all packaging issues
     8) Complete all compensation requests for alternative packaging
                    9) Track/Monitor and maintain container inventory
    10) Order/Maintain expendable packaging inventory
    11) Maintain satisfactory 6S conditions in packaging storage areas
    12) Create and maintain annual packaging budget
    13) Create and maintain WI for service and MP packaging procedures
    A.  Experience
    1) 1-3 years experience in packaging/design for automotive
    2)  PC-literate with Microsoft Office experience (Excel, Word)
    B.  Education
    1)  High School Diploma or equivalent
    A.  Physical Demands
    1)  Keyboarding, sitting, walking, standing, and reaching.  No unusual requirements for
          physical strength other than normal office activities.
    2)  Must have ability to meet department work schedules and be flexible with hours if required
    B.  Equipment Usage
    1)  Computer
    2)  Copier, fax machine
                3)  Forklift
    C.  Mental/Cognitive Demands      
    1)  Good verbal and written communication skills
    2)  Good problem solving skills
    3)  Ability to work independently
    4)  Team oriented
    5)  Detail oriented 
    6)  Self-motivated

    Job salary and benefits

    * The hours for this role are Full-time, Permanent
    * Salaried "Exempt" position
    * Leave benefits include Paid holidays, Vacation/paid time off and Medical
    * Retirement benefits include 401K
    * Insurance benefits include Dental, Health, Life, Disability, Health savings, Vision and Domestic Partner Coverage