• Logistics Coordinator - Dispatcher

    Posted: 09/29/2021

    If you are looking for a fast paced and challenging career opportunity we have just the opportunity for you. We are looking to grow our operations team to help better accommodate our rapid growth of our nationwide postal operations. 

    Rood Logistics LLC is a 24/7 full service freight agency headquartered in NW GA that specializes in various modes of freight transportation with special focus and expertise in USPS contract plate management.  

    Since 2014 we have been partnering with postal contractors across the country to collaborate on how to best provide a 99.9% on schedule execution on their USPS contracts and provide capacity solutions in an ever evolving market. Driver Shortage?! We are not buying into this excuse at all. By specializing in dedicated year round postal routes we have successfully developed strong partnerships with drivers and trucking companies across the country that exclusively work with Rood Logistics giving us the flexibility to reallocate assets at anytime to provide capacity solutions to any customer at anytime. Our business model has withstood the "capacity crunch" by upholding this one core principle, "If you want to keep your customers happy, keep your drivers happier".  

    Outside of postal, the transport services we offer include Dry Van, Flatbed/Overdim, Hazmat, and Refrigerated. 

    We are searching for  7 seasonal employees to accommodate a large influx of business beginning in November and running through Christmas 2019. Please review pertinent information below and send resume to Rick@roodlogistics.com if interested. Please state in the subject line whether you wish to be interviewed for part time or seasonal employment

    **Full time applicants will be expected to be able to begin training immediately upon being hired begin working shifts no later that October 7th 2019

    **Seasonal employees must be able to accommodate minimum training of 15 hours weekly immediately upon employment and be prepared to begin full time shifts beginning Nov. 15 2019 through December 25th 2019.

    **Rood Logistics is a 24/7 company run on three separate eight hour shifts (8am-4pm) (4pm-12am) (12am-8am)

    Minimum Education requirements:
    High School Diploma, though some college preferred

    Depending on the specific function you will be hired to hold, you will be expected to be able to demonstrate the following skills:

    • ability to learn quickly
    • proficient vocabulary, grammar, and language skills
    • complex reasoning and problem solving skills
    • ability to efficiently operate computer programs including but not limited to Office, excel, and sharepoint
    • ability to communicate via phone and in person without hesitation in order to articulate communication on the relative subject matter 
    • proficient organization and time management skills (ie. the ability to multi-task)
    • willingness to work based off the demand whether that be night, afternoon, or early mornings rather than personal preference

    Employment responsibilities:
    • Negotiate the Terms of Work from Carriers – including: Schedule, Rate, Frequency, Capacity/Equipment Type,
    Volume, Current SCA Wage & Term. This also includes Recovery & One-Off Spot Market Loads. Establish
    customer billing protocols and any special instructions.
    • Cover the Schedule – Carrier Sales: Determining Market, Posting Loads, Email Campaigns, Out-Calling.
    Explaining route details, expectations, & requirements. Selling the trucks…
    • The Data Push – Explain required paperwork. Request all contact info (Postal Dispatch Form), 2018 Carrier
    Contract Addendum, Copies of Driver CDLs, Last 4 Digits of Driver’s SS#, 2081 Badges, Non-Disclosure & Firearms
    • Confirm Receipt of ALL Required Paperwork & Process 2081 Badges – Missing or Incomplete Items should be
    referred to Sales Team to continue the Data Push. To be Tendered, Partner Carriers need to submit: All contact
    info (Postal Dispatch Form), 2018 Carrier Contract Addendum, Copies of Driver CDLs, Last 4 Digits of Driver’s SS#,
    2081 Badges, Non-Disclosure & Firearms Disclaimer, and SCA Federal Wage Determination estimated HOS
    • Tender the Carrier – Send Rate Confirmations. Confirm Date, Confirm Contract #, Confirm Trip #s, Any Special
    Customer Billing Reference #s, Order #s, or LoadTrek #s. When applicable send DIRs (Driver Instruction Reports).
    Set GPS Driver Tracking: Life360, Truckstop Tracking, and/or Macropoint. Add ALL info to Sharepoint Plate.
    • Vet the Truck - Confirm Truck Tracking & Speak with Driver(s). If Carrier is not tracking refer back to
    Load Planning to complete. Confirm Truck is in position for 1st scheduled pick-up. Speak with Driver(s)
    and confirm they aware of schedule and have all dispatch instructions. Confirm Drivers know where to
    send updates and mail slips; 
    • Track & Trace – Keeping Sharepoint updated in real-time with any changes, % of Mail per Load, Trailer
    #s, Arrival & Departure Times at ALL locations. Uploading ALL paperwork to each tendered trip.
    Keeping accurate real-time notes: General Notes in Sharepoint / Detailed notes in LDI Freight.
    Identifying LATE and BREAKDOWNS/FALL-OFF Trips. Identifying Trips nearing completion that require
    their next tender. Provide a reason for delay on ALL Late Trips. Proactively provide or be able to
    provide ETAs for ALL pick-ups and deliveries. Requesting Driver HOS Logs for each completed shift.
    • Referrals – Managing Phone, Text, & Email Traffic:
    o OPEN TRIPS: Fall-Offs, Breakdowns, Late Trips, Non-Compliant Partner Carrier, Weather,
    Refusals & Service Failures – Refer to SALES TEAM.
    o NEXT LOAD: Dedicated Partner Carriers who are near completion or have completed all
    tendered work and require their next Rate Confirmation/Load Tender – Refer to LOAD
    o COMPLETED LOAD: Delivered/Completed Tender with all supporting PPWK attached/uploaded
    to Rood Logistics, Dispatch Info & Times updated in Sharepoint – Refer to ACCOUNTING TEAM
    o ISSUES & CLAIMS: Damages, Accidents, DOT Shutdowns, Compliance Issues, Schedule
    Discrepancies, Customer/Carrier Disputes, Service Issues, - Refer to Account Management /
    Contracting Team and Plate Captain. They will decide if the issue needs to be elevated to the
    Corporate or Claims level.

    Please send resumes to : Rick@roodlogistics.com and be sure to specify whether you are seeking part time or seasonal employment

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