• PM Chef

    Harvest Moon Cafe
    Job Description
    PM Chef
    Job Description
    Reports to:
    General Manager / Assistant Managers
    • Constantly check the quality of product coming out the kitchen ensuring consistency with flavor, by doing daily tasting of product on the line, along with spec checks- quizzing staff on proper builds.
    • Assist Management in meeting food costs.
    • Assist Management in ensuring kitchen staff is trained on dish specifications, ensuring our presentation is consistent with HMC standards.
    • Controls waste and records/reports all waste.
    • Ensures stock rotation is followed and all storerooms / fridges / coolers / freezers.  Product must be in order and labeled.
    • Assists in monitoring and controlling stock levels ensuring no shortfall of products.
    • Do daily protein counts and prep sheets for following day at end of shift ensuring prep cooks are aware of the main kitchen needs.
    • Day to day managing of kitchen staff ensuring high standards of productivity.
    • Continually monitoring cleanliness and allocating certain cleaning jobs to staff.
    • Inspects food preparation to maintain quality standards, proper weights, sizing, and sanitation regulations.
    • Understand all restaurant recipes and translate recipes into finished products efficiently. Ensure kitchen staff follows recipes supplied by the restaurant consistently.
    • Ability to oversee all kitchen staff in a calm, mature and authoritative manner and to motivate kitchen staff positively to work to their highest ability.
    • Ability to work closely with the management and to accept constructive criticism for the improvement of the restaurant. 
    •  Maintain labor costs by maintaining productivity and cutting staff during slow periods.
    • The PM Chef is accountable for the successful completion of assigned duties and responsibilities given by Management and collaborating with management on weekly staffing needs for the schedule.
    • Motivates and stimulates exceptional performance by those staff members under him by his style of management and personal behavior.
    • Provides a working environment and atmosphere that promotes staff retention.
    • Daily inspection of kitchen to ensure proper cleaning.
    • Ensure working relationship between kitchen staff and floor staff is harmonious.
    • Work specified hours required by the restaurant.
    • Ensure that there are regular checks and maintenance on kitchen equipment and report all malfunctions to Managers.
    • Complies with company policies pertaining to methods, procedures, records, reports and conduct.
    • Maintains a dress code for employees and himself to maintain a clean, neat appearance.  More Colors...
    • Create daily specials from products that are on the “Use first” list.
    • Approximately 40 hours per week, 2 pm to close
    • Hourly pay rate, $15 - $__ based on experience and ability
    • Performance based Bonus Plan
    • 1 week Paid Time Off after 2 years and 2 weeks paid time off after 5 years.  Eligibility requires maintaining an average of 35 hours per week.
    • Employee Discounts
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