• Medical Office Receptionist

    Rome GI & The Rome Endoscopy Center
    Job Description
    Rome Gastroenterology Associates
    Is currently accepting applications for a full time Receptionist
    Medical Office Receptionist
    Float position
    1. Manage incoming patient calls, check-in, check-out and scheduling patients for office visits
    2. Manage outgoing referrals to other physicians for office visits, hospital procedures, labs, x-rays, and follow-up on scheduled procedures
    3. Obtain and verify patient’s medical insurance coverage, financial obligations and enter patient patient’s demographics.
    4. Prepare patient’s chart for upcoming office visit by collecting all documents require for our patient’s visit, including lab results, diagnostic reports and pertinent information from the referring physician.
    5. Manage incoming and outgoing fax received as needed.
    6. Enter recall alerts for office visits, labs, diagnostic studies and procedures.
    7. Additional duties required .
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