• Welding Robot Operator

    Posted: 08/29/2021

    Welding Robot Operator
    The MIG Robotic Welder Operator 

    • Stop their process and notify the Area Supervisor of any quality concerns.
    • Sign off as complete their operation on the work Order Card.
    • Adjust and set Robots to Production specifications.
    • Operate machines and process work as instructed by the Area supervisor.
    • Identify and segregate non-conforming stock.
    Job Duties & Responsibilities:

    a. Ensuring parts are made or processed in accordance with instructions listed on the Process Control Plan and Inspection Sheet.     
    bEfficiently and effectively operating single robot MIG weld cells. 
    c. Efficiently and effectively operating double trunion robot MIG weld cells.  
    d. Adjusting and setting Robotic Weld machines to specification.  
    e. Ensuring parts are made or processed in a prompt manner and production output figures are met.
    • Identifying work in progress with Work Order Cards and signing off their operation as complete.
    • When required, identifying similar parts with “Keep Separate” Cards.
    • Working in a safe manner and in accordance with safety policies and procedures and reporting potential or actual hazards to their elected health and safety representative.
    Setting a positive example to others in the work area.
    (i) Observing all workplace rules and regulations.
    1. Assisting the Quality Assurance Department with any customer concerns/problems resolution.
            b. Ensuring their work areas are kept clean, neat and tidy at all times.  
    $ 13.00 an hour
    Thermal Seal offers a great profit share incentive annually to employees who qualify, last year alone TSD employees averaged between $5000.00 and $ 10,000.00.