• Warehouse Associate

    Posted: 12/12/2021

    Job Summary:
    The Warehouse Shipping & Receiving Associate is responsible for timely shipping of finished goods and receipt of raw materials and supplies in accordance with work instructions and company policy.
    Job Duties/Responsibilities:

    • Diligent in following Company policies, safety standards and good housekeeping practices.
    • Perform tasks related to incoming and outgoing shipping activities to ensure accuracy and completeness.
    • Ensures the accuracy of inventories.
    • Ability to obtain and maintain power industrial truck training and certification.
    • Ability to safely load and unload trailer per work instructions.
    • Complete all paperwork accurately.
    • Keep work area clean and free from debris.
    • Performs other duties as assigned by management

    Supervision Received:
    Works with minimal level of supervision. Issues and concerns need to be communicated to appropriate Plant Management.
    Authority and Accountability:
    Accountable to Shipping Department Manager for safety, efficiency and inventory accuracy.
    Ability to communicate with employees at all levels.
    Ability to drive a lift truck.

    Physical Requirements:
    Lifting:  50 pounds maximum lifted. Lowest point - 0 feet, Highest point – 4 feet. Frequency: 1 hours total per 8 hour shift. Object lifted: Supplies.
    Carrying:  20 pounds maximum carried. Maximum distance carried: 25 feet. Object carried: Supplies.
    Climbing:  Ability to climb stairs required.

    Shipping     1st shift                       2nd shift             3rd Shift
    Sunday             As Needed                               As Needed                   As Needed    
    Monday       7am-3pm / 6am-2pm                     2pm-10pm                   10pm-6am
    Tuesday      7am-3pm / 6am-2pm                      2pm-10pm                  10pm-6am
    Wednesday 7am-3pm / 6am-2pm                     2pm-10pm                  10pm-6am
    Thursday     7am-3pm / 6am-2pm                     2pm-10pm                  10pm-6am
    Friday           7am-3pm / 6am-2pm                    2pm-10pm                   10pm-6am
    Saturday            As Needed                              As Needed                   As Needed 

    Job Type: Full-time

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