• Production Shift Supervisor

    Neaton Rome, Inc.
    Job Description
    Primary Role in the Organization:
    Assist Production Management in the daily running of good quality production.  Ensure operators understand processes and/or operations clearly.  Provide re-training when necessary.  Listen to operators' concerns and take immediate action.  Follow up with associates with good communication. Salary based on experience.
    Reports To: 
    Production Asst. Mgr.
    Group leaders and hourly associates
    1)  Direct and Supervise the associates and Group leaders in the Production Departments to
          ensure that the department production plans are followed.
    2)  Monitor the customer Portal and ensure Quality issues are addressed.
    3)  Coordinate and lead why why analysis when Quality issues occur.
    4)  Comply with ALL hazardous waste management responsibilities
    5)  Support ALL international standard certifications obtained by the company, including meeting customer requirements, delivering intended process outputs, identifying and communicating opportunities for improvement and following all document control program requirements.
    6)  Ensure all customer requirement assignments are documented
    7)  Ensure production is producing conforming product, if non-conforming product is identified production shall be stopped and/or shipment shall be stopped.
    8)  Ensure customer requirements are fully achieved
    9)  Ensure corrective actions are initiated following the identification of all non-conforming product
    10) Responsible for conforming to the IATF 16949, ISO 9001:2015 standards, and meeting customers’              requirements
    11) Ensure associate completing daily 6S activities
    12) Other duties assigned by manager
    A.  Experience
    1.)  One to three years previous experience in directing other's work.
    2.)  Good technical and mechanical skills.
    B.  Education
    High school diploma or GED
    A.  Physical Demands
    1.) Must be willing to work long hours and all shifts.
    2.) Must be able to lift 50+lbs on occasional basis.
    3.) Must be able to sit, stand, or walk for lengthy periods of time.
    4.)  Must pass Farns Muncell color evaluation.
    5.)  Must pass Ishihara Color Blindness evaluation.
    B.  Equipment Usage
    1.)  Must be familiar with molding, assembly and paint equipment, and also Die cast equipment.
    2.)  Computer usage.
    C.  Mental/Cognitive Demands       
    1)  Good problem-solving skills
    2)  Good verbal and written communication skills
    3)  Good leadership skills
    4)  Excellent organizational and prioritization skills
    D. Training
    1)  Must successfully complete hazardous waste training within six months after the date of employment or assignment to the facility, or to a new position at the facility, whichever is later.
    2)  Must take part in an annual review of the initial hazardous waste training.
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