• New Model Quality Tech

    Posted: 06/06/2021

    Primary Role in the Organization:
    Support our customers' requirements and suppliers' needs during New Model Development and part Maturation in order to execute good quality standards during NM development that will sustain and improve customer satisfaction.

    1. Support Departmental Objectives
    2. Lead in the Development of TWI
    3. Lead in the Development of the Control Plan
    4. Confirm the Collection and Control of Master Part Samples
    5. Lead in the Development in Data Sheets
    6. Development of Gage Concepts
    7. Collect data as required
    8. Confirm the Creation of Sort Standards
    9. Confirm Training to Sort Standards
    10. Process Confirmation (Audit to PFMEA / Control Plan)
    11. Confirm Action related to Customer Event Concerns
    12. Confirm Part Accuracy for Trial Event Parts
    13. Ensure Design Change Activities are Timely
    14. Customer Liaison for New Model Activity
    15. Lead internal process audits
    16. Lead internal joint checks
    17. Lead for creating and completing NM Quality APQP documentation
    18. Supplier Development & Part Approval (PPAP) of New Supplied parts as identified by NM Management
    19. Communication of NM Supplier Quality Problems to vendors for New Parts as identified by NM Mgt.
    20. Creation of Sort Operations for NM PASS Through parts or High concern parts needing receiving Inspection
    21. Confirm final inspection of NM parts prior to shipment
    22. Other duties as assigned
    A.  Experience
    1. Previous experience in Quality
    2. Familiar with ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 standards
    3. Familiar with production processes
    4. Good technical skills
    5. Strong computer skills
    6. Problem solving skills
    7. Familiar with Process Design
    8. Experienced with PFMEA Development
    9. Experienced with Control Plan Development
    10. Experienced with MSA Analysis and Development
    11. Part Print (Drawing) interpretation and understanding
    B.  Education
    1. Three to four years of experience in the Quality Assurance field, preferably supervision.
    2. Associates or bachelor’s degree in a technical field or equivalent experience
    A.  Physical Demands
    1. Keyboarding, sitting, walking and stopping.
    2. Demonstrates the ability to consistently meet the department work schedules and be flexible with hours if required.
    3. Ability to travel with short notice.
    4. Must be able to lift and move gages and parts.
    B.  Equipment Usage
    1. Computers
    2. Copier
    3. Metrology Equipment
    4. Fax machine
    C.  Mental/Cognitive Demands      
    1. Must be able to communicate effectively and work well with people of diverse professional, educational and lifestyle backgrounds.
    2. Ability to work well under stress with deadlines.
    3. Ability to manage and prioritize projects.
    4. Adapt quickly to changes in work requirements and assignments.
    5. Excellent attendance.
    6. Maintain a cooperative/teamwork environment.
    7. Demonstrate leadership
    8. Must be well organized
    9. Must be able to follow directions both written and verbal.
    10. Problem solving skills.