• CDL Truck Driver

    Posted: 02/23/2021

    I. Position Purpose
    Too safely and efficiently transfer finished products, supplies and ingredients between plant locations. 
    II. Organization Relationships
    This position reports to the Distribution Team Leader, peers include all operators associated with manufacturing and support operations. 
    III. Position Responsibilities & Duties
    Truck Drivers may be called upon to perform duties outside of the Truck Driver responsibilities that proactively support company needs. The following list of responsibilities and duties is not all-inclusive and is intended to provide the general responsibilities, duties and expectations of the job. Based on the variability of the manufacturing processes and needs, the responsibilities and duties will vary. 
    A. Workplace Safety
    - Adheres to all Safety policies and procedures
    - Maintains a hazard free tractor and trailers
    -  Uses Personal Protective Equipment as required and/or appropriate
    - Attends all Safety training and other Safety activities
    - Notifies teammates when they compromise Safe Operating Procedures
    - Reports near misses, accidents or suspected injuries in a timely manner
    - Completes Safety Work Orders when appropriate
    - Participates in Safety initiatives, committees and teams 
    -  Reports unsafe conditions and behaviors 
    -  Never takes shortcuts or drives in an unsafe manner that could compromise the Safety of themselves or others 
    -  Maintains all required Safety records and reports
    B. Food Safety & Quality
    -  Adheres to all Food Safety/Quality SOP’s 
    -  Accurately completes required Food Safety & Quality records
    -  Communicates any known or suspected Food Safety/ Quality issues to the Q.A. lab and appropriate Manager 
    -  Attends all Food Safety/Quality training sessions
    C. Truck Driving/Transfer Operations
    -  Operates tractor/trailers in a Safe and Efficient manner
    -  Completes are required inspection forms
    -  Completes DOT Physical as required
    -  Maintains CDL License 
    -  Supports manufacturing and distribution objectives and needs
    D. Sanitation
    -  Supports the Pest Control staff through recognition & reporting of insects and pests
    -  Maintains an inspection ready status at all times
    -  Maintains clean and sanitary tractors & trailers
    E. Record Keeping/Production Scheduling
    -  Completes all required transfer forms
    -  Completes all required inspection/DOT forms
    IV. Contacts
    Internal contacts include all manufacturing and support department employees.
    V. Working Conditions
    This position requires sitting in a tractor/trailer, climbing up & down fifth wheel platform, hooking up and unhooking trailers.  Lifting of up to 50 lbs. is required.
    VI. Essential Skills
    -  Related Experience:  Previous truck driving is required.   
    -  Licenses/Certifications:  CDL license.
    -  Expertise Level:  Excellent driving skills and record. Good communication skills, planning and troubleshooting are often required in this position.