• Resident Services Manager (LPN)

    Posted: 04/06/2021

    To apply, please come by our Corporate Office
    Monday-Friday between 8:30am & 4:30pm
    Located at 
    5 E 6th Ave
    Rome, GA 30161
    (between "Doug's Deli" and "Swift & Finch")

    These qualifications are required for the person in this position:

    1. Basic Personal Care Home Qualifications
    2. Federal and State Qualifications
    3. Results of a fingerprint records check that indicate the employee does not have any covered offenses (as defined by Georgia code) in any state the employee has lived in during the past 3 years.
    4. Physical Requirements:  This job entails frequent lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, stepping, bending, turning, and stretching. When assisting or filling in for Resident Services staff members the job may involve moving a medication cart to various locations within the Community, assisting a resident with ambulation and transferring during regular activities of daily living or when responding to falls or similar incidents; checking a resident’s range of motion; assisting a resident with activities of daily living, and assisting a resident with getting in or out of a vehicle.
    5. This employee must be at least 21 years of age in order to serve as a Site Manager.
    6. A CNA certificate is preferred for a person in this position.
    7. Successful completion (i.e., receipt of a passing grade) of all skills competency tests for medication management in a Georgia personal care home, successful completion of a TOFHLA test, and acceptance (i.e., acknowledgement) of the residents and residents’ physicians as a Proxy Caregiver for medication management.
    8. Completion of the Community’s emergency response training for On-Site Managers.
    9. Must have experience as a Med Tech and/or have a current Georgia LPN license
    Job Requirement
    This employee must provide a contact phone number and a means of leaving a message (e.g., voice mail, email, or text message) such that the Community can contact the employee in the event that management staff need to adjust the schedule to fill in for a missing co-worker, gather additional information for incidents reports, or otherwise contact the employee on an emergency basis.
    Required Skills and Knowledge
    1. Ability to read and follow instructions written in English
    2. Ability to write communications in English (such as incident reports and notes for the 24-hour report).
    3. Ability to understand and follow the Community’s medication management policies and procedures.
    4. Ability to understand and follow the Community’s Disaster Preparedness Plan, particularly the building evacuation procedures; similarly, the ability to understand and follow the Community’s Shift Managers Troubleshooting Guide.
    5. Demonstrable, high-quality leadership that enables this employee to motivate the staff and maintain a high level of job performance in the Resident Services department.  This includes the ability to lead by example and clearly communicate job performance expectations.
    6. A complete understanding of the Community’s overall philosophy of care, programs for ensuring the highest standard of care, services offered, and amenities provided.
    7. Outstanding organizational skills for assisting the Resident Services Director including, but not limited to:  daily monitoring of the health status of all residents; preparing weekly schedules to meet the State requirements as well as department budget goals; tabulating hours to assist the RSD in ensuring that all department employees have met the annual requirement for training hours; and assisting the RSD in maintaining the medication reference book.
    8. Ability to assist the RSD in researching incident reports and creating a plan of action to solve problems.
    9. Ability to assist the RSD in training caregivers and the On-Site Manager portion of the Med Tech/On-Site Manager training.
    Daily Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Attend one or more daily meetings with Resident Services Associates and Med Techs (a 15 minute meeting).  Take meeting notes and review communications (such as the shift report log and incident reports) in order to report any new information from caregivers or Med Techs to the RSD. 
    2. Conduct a review of resident care needed for the day, including care planned for new admissions and care plan changes for current residents; determine the status of care task completion at the end of shifts (i.e., baths, laundry, cleaning, toileting assistance, ADL assistance). Report problems and omissions to the RSD.
    3. Assist the RSD in translating care plan requirements into: bath schedules, laundry schedules, and housekeeping schedules.   Oversee that tasks (especially baths) are evenly distributed with the caregivers.
    4. Help to ensure that State-mandated staffing ratios are maintained at all times for the Resident Services Department.  Whenever the RSM is on duty, he/she will ensure that all scheduled staff members are present or that alternative plans are made to cover the shift.  The RSM will assist the RSD in developing a plan for call in of PRN workers to cover for employees who called out or did not report for duty.  The RSM will utilize this plan to fill staffing needs (or delegate this task to the Shift Manager).  However, if no PRN is available, the RSD, RSM and/or shift manager will coordinate with regard to filling the position such that overtime is minimized. 
    5. Check the Medication Administration Record (MAR) book daily with the shift Med Tech to ensure that there have been no missed medications and no other problems with medication delivery. Check all notebooks in the Med Room on regular basis for accuracy.  Report any problems to the RSD.
    6. File resident medical information such as Incident Reports, office visit notes, prescriptions and any other documentation that is medical related.
    Weekly Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Assist the RSD in adjusting schedules (due to changing resident census, PTO requests, etc.)
    2. Create a supplies order for RSD approval.
    Monthly Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Inventory the items in storage that are the responsibility of the Resident Services Department, including:  linen supplies, first aid supplies, medication delivery supplies, and gloves. 
    2. Assist the RSD in tallying the amount spent on supplies for the month.
    Quarterly Duties and Responsibilities
    1. On a quarterly basis, assist the RSD with resident assessment and review of resident care plans to ensure that each resident is receiving the correct type and level of services from the Community; assist the RSD in putting data that is specific for each resident in his/her care plan.
    Annual Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Attend annual training and skills competency testing for Proxy Caregivers.