• Resident Services Associate

    Posted: 04/06/2021

    To apply, please come by our Corporate Office
    Monday-Friday between 8:30am & 4:30pm
    Located at 
    5 E 6th Ave
    Rome, GA 30161
    (between "Doug's Deli" and "Swift & Finch")


    1. Basic Personal Care Home Qualifications
    2. Federal and State Qualifications
    3. Physical Requirements:  This job entails frequent lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, stepping, bending, turning, and stretching.  On a daily basis, this employee will be required to assist residents in: 
    1. Ambulation and transferring during regular activities of daily living and when managing falls or similar incidents 
    2. Checking resident’s range of motion
    3. Completing activities of daily living (such as bathing, dressing, and toileting)
    4. Boarding and de-boarding a Community vehicle
    5. Carrying trays of food or beverages to assist in serving resident meals.
    6. Leading activities for residents
    7. Making beds and doing light housekeeping chores such as collecting and disposing of trash.
    8. Performing general housekeeping duties of vacuuming, dusting, etc. in the commons area (which may involve moving furniture to clean).
    9. Processing laundry (residents’ personal clothing, sheets, towels, etc.).
    1. It is preferred that this person has a Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA) certificate.
    2. It is preferred that this person has current CPR and First Aid certification.
    Job Requirement
    This employee must provide a contact phone number and a means of leaving a message (e.g., voice mail, email, or text message) such that the Community can contact the employee in the event that management staff need to adjust the schedule to fill in for a missing co-worker, gather additional information for incidents reports, or otherwise contact the employee on an emergency basis.
    Required Skills and Knowledge
    The person in this position will have the following skills and experience:
    1. Ability to read and follow instructions written in English.
    2. Ability to write communications (in English) such as incident reports and notes for the 24-hour report.
    Daily Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Each Resident Services Associate will be assigned to be primarily responsible for a number of residents during his/her shift.  This associate will carry out the care duties specified in the care plan for these residents.  These duties include, but are not limited to:  assisting residents with baths,  mouth care, denture care, shaving, nail care, dressing and undressing; assisting residents with toileting, including changing disposable undergarments and disposal bed pads, as needed; changing residents’ bed linen when unexpectedly soiled; changing residents’ clothing and ensuring soiled clothing is cleaned as soon as possible; delivering residents’ meals (per procedure to ensure of the meal at proper temperature)
    2. Respond to routine calls from residents and make rounds to check on all residents.
    3. Note the condition of resident suites and report all housekeeping and maintenance needs immediately.
    4. Report the following information from your shift:  status of assignments (i.e., which scheduled tasks have been done for each resident and which tasks remain to be done); notable problems involving residents or the Community, including any significant change in the status of a resident’s health; concerns or complaints from a resident or a resident’s family member; any residents who have left the building during your shift for any reason
    5. If you are unable to attend work due to illness, injury, or death in the family, immediately notify the shift manager on duty (or the RSD if he/she is on duty). 
    6. If you are unable to attend work due to factors other than illness requiring sick leave (e.g., scheduled appointments or jury duty), immediately discuss the need for a schedule change with the RSD.  
    7. Immediately report critical problems in resident care, major problems with the environment of the Community, life-threatening security issues, etc. to the shift manager on duty.  If there is a problem with reporting to the shift manager on duty, call the RSD and, if necessary, the Executive Director to report the issue.
    8. Immediately report any injury received on the job (whether it seems to be serious or insignificant) to the shift manager on duty.
    9. As assigned: sweep/vacuum, dust and wipes down countertops and equipment (including any commons area refrigerator) as needed to keep the workstation areas, dining area(s), the laundry, corridors, and general commons areas clean and organized; shift furniture to ensure that dust and debris is cleaned from underneath; dust lampshades, artwork, moldings etc.; remove smudges on glass panes, mirrors, and walls; dust cobwebs from ceilings and walls; vacuum and/or wipe down upholstered furnishings and report stained furnishings immediately to the Executive Director (via note or in person).
    10. As assigned, perform cleaning in suites (particularly to remove trash and tidy up).  Ensure that stains on carpets are immediately reported to the Executive Director.
    11. As assigned, dispose of trash in dumpsters and biomedical waste in designated receptacles.
    12. As assigned, launder bed linen, bath linen, dining area tablecloths, dining area kitchen linen, and personal clothing for residents.
    13. As assigned, distribute clean linen and clean clothing to Residents’ rooms.
    Monthly Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Attend all mandatory training sessions and/or staff meetings unless excused by the RSD prior to the session.
    2. Attend monthly training sessions to fulfill the State requirement that you complete 16 hours of training per year (not including CPR or First Aid training).
    As Needed Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Immediately report soiled floors, carpets, and Community furnishings to the Shift Manager and start the clean-up procedure immediately.  Follow the specific procedure to clean up biological liquids and solids; these procedures are stored with the cleaning agents.
    2. Assist the Med Tech/Shift Manager (or management staff) in preparing incident reports by contributing pertinent information and observations for the report.