• LPN Employee Health Coordinator

    Posted: 05/04/2021

    Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Conduct physical assessments on all new employees- Approximately 300 (new physicians, new hires, interns and scribes) per year
    2. Conduct TB skin testing on new employees
    3. Conduct any necessary post exposure TB testing
    4. Administer appropriate vaccines according to CDC guidelines for health care workers at appropriate intervals.
      1. Hepatitis B vaccine
      2. Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine
      3. Influenza Vaccine
      4. Tetanus/Diphtheria
      5. Varicella Vaccine
    5. Monitor Influenza cases yearly, along with other Infection Control issues pertaining to Harbin Clinic employees
    6. Perform immune titers as appropriate and recommended per CDC guidelines
    7. Administration and documentation of annual Influenza vaccine campaign for employees- Approximately 1500 (employees, new hires, volunteers) per year
    8. Update and maintain employee medical records
    9. Participate in HC Employee Wellness exams for >1,000 employees during the months of May and August, and assist with biweekly new hire wellness exams.
    10. Perform drug screening based on clinic policy for new hire employees and assist the HR director and Risk Manager director with cause/suspicious drug screening
    11. Monthly random nicotine screenings
    12. Investigate all needle sticks and blood borne pathogen exposures to final resolution
    13. Provide Employee Health records for current and former employees
    14. Assist with MA Competency check-offs
    15. Become and maintain BLS instructor certification for back-up
    16. All Employee Health files need: Kwiktag account and place each employee’s information in the employee’s folder.
    17. Assist in Covid immunization clinics for employees and families
    18. 18. Back up and cross cover for the CEIC.



    1. Graduate from an accredited school of registered professional nursing


    1. Previous experience in the medical field is required.
    2. Previous experience in education preferred.
    3. BLS and ACLS certification required; BLS, ACLS and PALS instructor preferred.


    1. Current registration to practice as a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse in the state of Georgia.


    1. Ability to communicate in a clear, concise, and pleasant manner in both verbal and written form.
    2. Ability to multi-task, and to use and manage time efficiently.
    3. Ability to work both independently and with co-workers.
    4. Ability to build relationships clinic-wide.
    5. Ability to stay up to date on any changes to healthcare rules and regulations, as well as determine the educational value of training materials and programs.