• Liquor Store Clerk

    Posted: 05/12/2021

    Job Description

    The Liquor Store Clerk will understand the true meaning of customer service excellence and possess a superior work ethic enabling him/her to be a positive and effective team leader. The successful candidate will possess some or all of the following characteristics:
    - Ability to work flexible hours
    - Capable of fulfilling the physical requirements of the position
    - Clear and concise understanding of the importance of superior customer service
    - Strong communication skills
    - Ability to work cohesively with coworkers as part of a team.
    The Liquor Store Clerk is responsible for maximizing guest satisfaction in a friendly, accurate and professional manner. The clerk must maintain a high level of customer service and professional integrity at all times. Work duties include but are not limited to the following:
    - Providing above average customer service
    - Stocking and facing product on the shelves and in storage
    - Daily dusting and cleaning requirements
    - Lifting and stocking of products up to 50lbs
    - Stocking and organizing storefront and storage areas
    - Knowledge of Alcoholic products available
    - Ensuring all sales and service actions are in accordance with the provincial legislation and company guidelines
    - Capable of efficiently and effectively handling customer inquiries and complaints
    - Capable of operating POS System as well as an understanding of credit and debit procedures
    - Understanding of basic mathematical principles
    - Capable of performing other job-related duties as outlined by management.
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    - Customer service includes greeting customers upon entry, waiting on customers, including but not limited to finding items on shelves, recommending and selling merchandise to customers, and carrying merchandise to cars.
    - Ring up retail sales, receive payments, and give change. Check proper identification to sell liquor, beer, wine, and cigarettes.
    - Stock, arrange, and rotate liquor merchandise on shelves. Stock beer coolers and set up displays. Stocking shelves may involve carrying large quantities of beer, liquor, and wine; and, involves accessing products in the backroom storage area.
    - Perform general cleaning maintenance in the store, including but not limited to dusting shelves, displays, etc.; vacuuming and sweeping floors; removing snow from walkways; removing trash from store; cleaning store and cooler windows; washing shelves and bottles; and cleaning restrooms.
    - May occasionally open and close the store; and, operate the alarm system.
    - Loss prevention responsibilities.
    - Perform all other related duties and responsibilities as apparent or as assigned.
    Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
    - Ability to promote and market products, and answer customer questions regarding products.
    - Ability to work evenings and weekends, and some holidays.
    - Ability to proactively greet customers, be friendly, professional, polite and helpful in dealing with customers and employees.
    - Ability to learn visual merchandising to create attractive displays and special promotions.
    - Knowledge and ability with basic computer operations.
    - Ability to read and speak fluently in English.
    Minimum Qualifications:
    - Must be at least 21 years of age.
    - Some college or Associates of business degree.
    - Basic knowledge of retail sales and money handling.
    - Ability to meet and deal with the public on a regular basis.
    - Demonstrate good verbal communication skills.
    - Must have the physical strength and endurance to move up to approximately 30-50 pound cases of product on a work shift, if assigned.
    - Demonstrate a willingness to learn different products within the store.
    - Must have a clean background check.
    -Random drug tests.
    Job Type: Full-time