• Receptionist and Bookkeeping Assistant

    Posted: 05/03/2021

    Receptionist & Bookkeeping Assistant



    General Office ---

    • Answer the phone.
    • Assist callers with information on Chamber, Rome, Business Recommendations.
    • Greet persons entering lobby.
    • Receive & sort mail, hand to the President and CEO.
    • Record checks in Excel and keep in desk until time for deposit.
    • Send out requested info, i.e., maps, relocation packets, demographics, etc.
    • Make copies of relocation packets, send out when requested. Include a copy of Momentum.
    • Order and maintain office/cleaning supplies.
    • Keep kitchen stocked with drinks, snacks.
    • Keep building tidy.
    • Take and send messages to all staff.
    • Edit, add or update staff calendar regularly.

    Accounts Receivable ---

    • List checks on deposit slip by company and group checks received according to what they’re for. For example, all checks for 2020 Membership Renewals have their own deposit slip, all checks from New Members have their own deposit slip, etc.
    • Copy all checks before deposit and scan to Finance Director.
    • Deposit all checks received on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Last day of the month—deposit slips are kept in desk drawer.
    • Make copies of deposit receipts and scan to Finance Director.

    Accounts Payable ---

    • Scan all invoices to Finance Director.
    • As directed by the Finance Director, match all invoices with corresponding checks and mark as paid.
    • Give President and CEO all checks and corresponding invoices for their signature.
    • Staple all check stubs to invoices marked as paid and prepare the remaining check and stub to be mailed.
    • Mail payments.

    Membership ---

    •    Work with Jeanne to enroll members in the Drugfree Workplace Program/email monthly Drugfree Workplace Newsletters.
    •    Work with Jeanne to enroll members in Chamber Health Insurance plan.
      •     Maintain report of past due members and continually follow up to receive payments.
    •     Print and mail out invoices and statements.
    •     Take payments over the phone and in person using Authorize.net.
    •     Enter payments into ChamberMaster.
    •     Save invoice stub or check stub as reference.
    •     Enter member information into ChamberMaster.
    •     Send out potential new member/new member packets.
    •     Create events, Take RSVP’s in ChamberMaster.
    • Type and mail out new member packets, member renewal letters, thank you notes and member decals.
    • Assist with and Attend Chamber events as directed.
    • Update member information in ChamberMaster as needed i.e.: logos, reps, contact information.
    • Create/Remove, approve job postings for the website as requested by members.
    • Assist Communications Coordinator with proofreading Momentum, Business Directory, Signage, Social Media Posts, and Business Brief.
    Board of Directors & Executive Committee---
    • Prepare agendas and minutes for meetings.
    1. Other Duties as Assigned including additional Bookkeeping responsibilities
    Report to the Director of Membership. If staff members need assistance, they will first coordinate with the Director of Membership to prioritize duties and responsibilities.
    Send resumes to Pam Powers-Smith (psmith@romega.com) by 5pm Monday, May 24th.
     Questions via email only.