• Japanese Translator / Interpreter

    Primary Role in the Organization:

    Improve organizational communication between Japanese and American associates while assisting Japanese associates and their families become acclimated to the United States

    Reports To:

    Human Resource Manager




    1) Translate speeches and written documentation from Japanese to English and

    English to Japanese

    2) Provide oral translation for meetings between Japanese and American associates

    3) Provide support to Japanese associates and their families

    4) Serve as a liaison between departments and management


    A. Experience

    1) At least 1 or more years of interpreting experience preferred but not required

    2) Experience with Microsoft Office - English and Japanese versions

    3) General erudition and intimate familiarity with Japanese and American cultures

    4) Extensive vocabulary in both Japanese and American languages

    B. Education

    Some College


    A. Physical Demands

    Must be able to sit and perform keyboarding for extended periods of time

    B. Equipment Usage

    1) Computer

    2) Basic Office Equipment (i.e. Copier, Fax, Etc.)

    3) Telephone System

    C. Mental/Cognitive Demands

    1) Ability to interpret/translate with a high level of linguist capability in both English and


    2) Ability to perform interpretation in English and Japanese (Specifically,

    explaining what the speaker is saying in the target language while simultaneously

    listening to the next statement, or be able to efficiently take notes for consecutive translation)

    3) Ability to evaluate translations for clarity and accuracy of syntax and semantics and make


    4) Intimate knowledge of Japanese and American cultures

    5) Ability to work unsupervised and prioritize tasks

    6) Ability to work flexible hours

    7) Ability to communicate with all levels of the organization

    Job requirements

    * Applicants must have at least  Some college, no degree
    * Applicants must have at least 1 years experience
    * Applicants are required to have language skills in Japanese at Full professional proficiency level
    * A criminal background check will be required on applicants

    Job salary and benefits

    * Normal working days: weekdays
    * Normal work shifts: First (day)
    * The hours for this role are Full-time, Permanent
    * Leave benefits include Paid holidays, Vacation/paid time off and Medical
    * Retirement benefits include 401K
    * Insurance benefits include Dental, Health, Life, Disability, Health savings, Vision and Domestic Partner Coverage