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Arts & Culture
artandcultureracaRome Area Council for the Arts: A non-profit organization supported by private and corporate membership donations and contributions from the City of Rome, with the joint support of the Georgia Council for the Arts, through appropriations from the Georgia General Assembly, the Council strives to bring the best of visual and performing arts to the citizens of Rome and Floyd County.   706-295-2787


The moon rises above the levee, casting a soft glow over the hushed crowd of enraptured listeners relaxing on their blankets. The lilting notes of the violinist float on the summer air as young and old alike sense the special serenity of the moment.

Suddenly, the deep boom of the timpani rouses the crowd into a roar of applause as the orchestra reaches its finale. The spell is broken. But for a moment, on this warmsummer's eve, everyone felt that age-old stirring of the heart in the presence of beautiful music.

The love affair between music and the residents of Rome and Floyd County began in the early 1900’s.  The oldest symphony in the South, the Rome Symphony Orchestrawas formed in 1921.  The Rome Symphony Orchestra continues to provide quality orchestral concerts in their subscription series, providing four classical and two informal outdoor concerts to the community.  In 2008, Richard Prior was selected, and currently serves, as Conductor and Music Director.  Mr. Prior has brought a new commitment and direction to the 70-member, professional orchestra.  For more information, call 706-291-7967 or




The restored, historic DeSoto Theatre, built in 1929, is the home of the Rome Little Theatre today. Their productions are always well-attended affairs that include a regular season of plays, musicals, dramas, and youth programs. Each Christmas "The Nutcracker" showcases the talents of local children.

rahmRome Area History Museum: The Rome Area History Museum was founded in 1995. The private, nonprofit organization promotes cultural and historical awareness of the Rome, GA area to the local community and visitors to Northwest Georgia. The principal goal of the Rome Area History Museum is to provide cultural and educational enrichment for residents and visitors through a visual chronological history of the area. 706/235-8051


forumIn the heart of downtown stands The Forum with its welcoming white arch towering high above its entrance and hinting of its illustrious namesake from the ancient ruins of Rome, Italy. This $16 million civic complex, located on the Oostanaula River, hosts sporting events, family entertainment and concerts, business conventions, and a myriad selection of large banquets and meetings. The Forum has become the centerpiece for community culture and for spectacular riverfront development.


romelittletheatreStudents and citizens alike benefit from having the Southeast's premier school of music, Shorter College, right here in Rome. Shorter enrolls talented music and drama majors from around the country who present Broadway-caliber revues and plays throughout Europe, the United States, and at numerous local community events. Adding to Rome's cultural calendar each year, Berry Collegealso offers an enticing array of musical programs.



Chieftains Museum: New residents and visitors to Rome and Northwest Georgia will immediately notice the Cherokee heritachieftainsge. The Chieftains Museum, originally the home of Major Ridge, a famous Cherokee leader, houses artifacts found on the property that tellthe story of the Coosa River Valley from its Native American inhabitants to its traditional southern heritage. It is a gracious 19th century, white clapboard plantation house with a log cabin core dating back to the 1790's. Major Ridge lived in Chieftains until 1837.  706/291-9494



oakhillOak Hill & Martha Berry Museum: A plantation house, museum and beautiful gardens are located on the former property of Martha Berry, founder of Berry College.  The museum includes various exhibits describing the history of Berry College and Martha Berry.  706/291-1883


The literary-minded are equally proud of the $7 million Rome - Floyd County Library rising above the banks of the Oostanaula near Rome's historic downtown district.

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